are you ready to choose love?


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''i want to find the place where your fear ends and my body begins''

dayne ogilvie prize for emerging writers winner 2017

emma watson’s our shared shelf book club choice

lambda literary finalist

stonewall book award finalist

publishing triangle award finalist


there is a better way to live

there is a better way to love

let’s find it together

fierce femmes final full res.jpg

featured in Teen Vogue, the CBC, and The New York Times

as seen on CTV’s The Social


”Thom’s work is sheer joyful exuberance, creativity, and talent.” – Trish Salah, Jane Eaton Hamilton & Elio Ianicci


2 thoughts on “are you ready to choose love?

  1. I love your work, especially your piece: Not Born This way. I’m a lesbian social work professor at san Jose State University and am writing a manuscript on working with Latinos/as. I have a chapter on the LGBTTQ client/community, and would like to translate your piece and included in the manual. Please advise. You make us proud. Thanks. Best wishes.

  2. Hello Kai, I had the good fortune to meet you today at the Calgary GSA conference. I introduced myself and thanked you on behalf of my students who LOVED YOU, as did I. I have recommended you to the national CCPA call for speakers committee in ST. John’s Nfld 2017. I hope you don’t mind! To counsellors and psychotherapists from around the world, you wld be most helpful!! Thank you for your grand self! Warm regards, Tracie Lovatt

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