prophecy of 9


AND SO the pale humans grew

and grew, Dear One

in number and in pride

they grew so great in power over the Mother and the animals

that they became arrogant and thought

to overthrow the gods and the Law of Balance

and so they made wars and machines for wars

they made words of Dark Magic

with which they justified

the horrors that they visited upon other humans:

enslavement and torture and even worse things

and claimed the body of the Mother for their own

poisoned her rivers and darkened her skies

slew her creatures and claimed no responsibility

and they built kingdoms and empires

and they built prisons and Nations

with which to trap the innocent among them

in a maze of unending horrors

and then the Nations fought to slay each other

and in the blood of other Nations anoint themselves supreme

and one day in the Supreme Nation arose a False King

possessed by evil and lifted by lies

crowned by a lost people, lost in their hearts

and their children cried out for Change and for Mercy

as the skies darkened above them

and then a terrible Illness came from the clouds

like the Plagues of old, and it whispered of Death

but the lost people did not listen and the False King

and his court were too wicked to listen to anything but fear

and their Greed.

and the Illness came down and the People

went inside their houses, locking their doors

as the Invisible Angels came knocking

to demand their blood-price

and the war machines halted

and the Dark Magic words were broken

and the Mother’s skies shone blue and clear

as the rivers ran clean to the aching seas

and the fires burnt bright in time to the Eighths

and Moloch rained down his metal groanings of poison

and the Lost People cried out in terror and in hope

so many were taken but most Young Ones were spared

and their prayers were answered but not how they hoped

the world they were given is not the one they deserved

and we the prophets rose in the streets one last time

to shake the dust from our bones

our integrity rediscovered at last

to sing to the Lost People

the story of who we are, and incite them

to fell the False King and break the power of his brethren

for all time

for all time

for all time

times nine

and that time is coming, Dear Ones

and that time is coming

so sing to your Young Ones, and to the Elders, and the Ghosts

sing for your heart and the compass inside

sing for your soul and courage and kindness

sing for the Mother

who is rising again

and that time is coming, Dear Ones

and that time is come

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