Yoga Nidra With Kai Cheng Thom

Hello dear friends! Those who know me primarily as a writer/internet personality may not know that I’m also a somatic coach and meditation practitioner. I made this recording of a guided yoga nidra (sleep meditation) for a class I teach at the University of Toronto. However, I’d also like to make it available to anyone who would like to try the beautiful practice of yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra is decided from a long lineage of yogic meditation practices. In its contemporary form, yoga nidra has evolved from a few major schools, the most prominent in North America/Turtle Island being the iRest school. I’ve received training in a few different styles of yoga nidra teaching from several different teachers.

Yoga nidra can be used for many different purposes, relaxation and rest being a popular goal of practitioners today. However, yoga nidra can also be used for dream healing, addressing PTSD symptoms, managing insomnia, and spiritual growth. Yoga nidra is generally a very safe, non-invasive, practice. However, like any form of insight and/or body-based meditation, it can be triggering or anxiety-provoking for some. You are welcome to try out this recorded practice. However, please seek out the guidance of an experienced teacher and/or health professional based on your individual needs if you are hoping to use yoga nidra as part of a health recovery process.

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